Land Cruisers Are Our Passion!

The Landcruiser Legacy...

Welcome to our Store - your source for authentic, antique Toyota Land Cruiser parts. Our passion is preserving the timeless legacy of the iconic FJ40 and FJ45 models

For over 50 years, these classic trucks have maintained devoted followings thanks to their charm, ruggedness, and adventurous spirit. Our store allows you to revive your own vintage Land Cruiser with original OEM or period-correct parts.

Whether you're restoring a family heirloom or freshly discovering these legends, we carry everything you need - from brake components to body panels - curated by experts who know Land Cruisers inside and out.

Join our community of enthusiasts celebrating these enduring vehicles. With antique parts direct from the era when legends were made, you can ensure your FJ40 or FJ45 stays on the road while retaining its authentic character. Let's keep their bold spirit of adventure alive - shop now to restore the classics!