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FJ45 Land Cruiser Body Tub

FJ45 Land Cruiser Body Tub

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FJ45 Land Cruiser Body Tub

The FJ45 Land Cruiser Body Tub is a fundamental component of the vehicle that forms the main body structure. It encompasses the entire interior and provides the exterior shell of the Land Cruiser. The Body Tub is responsible for enclosing the passenger cabin, cargo area, and engine compartment, creating a protective and functional space for both occupants and gear.

This essential part not only defines the Land Cruiser's overall shape and appearance but also contributes to its strength and durability. It acts as the foundation for attaching various other components, such as doors, windows, fenders, and the roof. Additionally, the Body Tub houses the mechanical and electrical systems, making it a crucial element for the proper functioning of the vehicle.

When restoring or rebuilding an FJ45 Land Cruiser, replacing a damaged or corroded Body Tub is often necessary to ensure the structural integrity and safety of the vehicle. Our Body Tub is meticulously crafted to match the original specifications, making it an ideal choice for preserving the timeless appeal of this classic off-road vehicle.


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