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FJ40 Cruiser Cab, Top Side Panel: Right Side

FJ40 Cruiser Cab, Top Side Panel: Right Side

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 FJ40 Cab Top Side Panel, available for both left and right sides.

This exterior component serves multiple purposes:
1. Structural Integrity: Reinforcing the Land Cruiser's cab, providing strength for off-road driving and various terrains.
2. Weather Protection: Shields passengers and the interior from rain, wind, dust, and debris.
3. Timeless Appeal: Complements the FJ40's classic boxy and rugged design, preserving its iconic look.
4. Accessory Mounting: Functions as a base for adding accessories like roof racks and awnings.
5. Authentic Restoration: Perfect for preserving the vintage charm of the FJ40 during restoration projects.

Upgrade your FJ40 Land Cruiser with our dependable Cab Top Side Panel for enhanced protection and enduring elegance on your off-road adventures.

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